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About Us:
A Haz-Mat Certified, Direct LTL Trucking Company

LTL Systems is a family owned and operated warehouse, distribution, and trucking company operating out of our our 57,000 square foot warehouse in St. Louis, MO. We have an unbeatable work ethic and are committed to providing competitive LTL and full truckload transportation services to meet our customer’s needs. 90% of our drivers are Haz-Mat certified, allowing us to provide special handling and safely transport any Haz-Mat materials. Our specialty is offering direct to destination LTL shipping without transferring products along the way. This eliminates handling claims, saving customers time and money.


Our Trucking Company History:
Haz-Mat Certified, LTL Trucking Experts

Haz-Mat Certified Direct LTL Trucking CompanyEstablished in 1993, LTL Systems was founded on the idea of providing customers with competitive trucking rates for LTL shipments. After 30 years in the industry working with common carriers, the president of LTL Systems, Inc. recognized that there should be a better way to service shippers of LTL freight. He identified a niche in the market that other LTL trucking companies did not or could not address. That is providing DIRECT shipments to destinations.

LTL Systems has enjoyed consistent growth since opening. We offer competitive LTL shipping for many loyal customers to destinations in 48 states and 90% of our drivers are Haz-Mat certified. We believe this growth can be in part attributed to our company wide integrity, work ethic, and commitment to forming long term relationships by putting the customer first every time.

What Makes Us Special: Direct LTL Shipping

LTL Systems is not your typical LTL trucking company. For example, for an LTL shipment to New Jersey, the average trucking company will transfer the shipment 2 to 3 times before it reaches its final destination. Each time that the shipment is transferred, it exposes the product to handling damage or loss.

At LTL Systems, our direct LTL shipping method means that we transfer each shipment zero times. Once loaded onto our 53’ delivery trailer at our warehouse in St. Louis, your shipment will stay in place until it reaches your specified delivery spot. We do not break shipments down along the way; there is absolutely no handling in route.

LTL Trucking Company: Direct & Hazmat ShippingWith most trucking companies, it takes extensive time to resolve any freight claims. Most common trucking companies employ professionally trained claim handlers with the specific objective of paying out as little as possible. Our trucking company boasts an industry low claims ratio of only .00125% of sales, and if we ever damage your product, we pay full cost value. Avoiding material claims for Haz-Mat and LTL shipments saves your company time and money, and gives you total peace of mind that your shipment will arrive when needed and in the same shape as when it was loaded from your dock.

Learn More About our LTL and Haz-Mat Certified Trucking Services

For a rate quote for any of our LTL or Haz-Mat certified freight transportation and trucking services, please contact us at LTL Systems at 314-862-9292. You can also request a freight quote for any trucking service by completing our online request form.

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