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Haz-Mat Shipping:
Full Truckload & LTL Transport for Hazardous Materials

90% of our drivers are Haz-Mat certified to offer:

  • LTL or full truckload Haz-Mat shipping
  • Competitively priced shipping services
  • Haz-Mat shipping to 48 contiguous states
  • Reliable on-time shipping in our company owned dry vans or refrigerated trailers
  • Professional, Haz-Mat certified drivers

To learn more about our Haz-Mat shipping services or you want to talk with our staff to see how we can develop a solution to meet your freight transportation needs please contact us or request a freight quote online.


More About Our Haz-Mat Shipping Services

At LTL Systems, 90% of our drivers are Haz-Mat certified. Therefore, we utilize our company owned air ride dry or refrigerated trailers to perform Haz-Mat shipping, ensuring safety and security for any shipment. Our expert staff and experienced Haz-Mat drivers are ready to handle even your most difficult Haz-Mat shipping challenges and to determine the quickest and most cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Special Concerns for Haz-Mat Shipping

Haz-Mat Shipping from a St. Louis LTL Trucking CompanyWhen it comes to Haz-Mat shipping, it is crucial to work with a trucking company that is experienced in order to ensure the safe delivery of your hazardous materials. At LTL Systems, our warehouse staff and our drivers have experience working hazardous materials of all types. Therefore, we can ensure compliant and safe transportation for all of your Haz-Mat shipping needs. With our Haz-Mat shipping and freight transportation services, we will ensure the following for all of your hazardous and dangerous material shipments:

  • Compliance: 90% of our drivers are Haz-Mat certified. These drivers can complete Haz-Mat shipping services for both LTL and full truckload shipments while ensuring compliance with all US Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Regulations.
  • Safety: Haz-Mat shipping often poses a potential threat or danger to other drivers on the road, families living along the transportation route, truck drivers, and workers at the loading docks. We understand the potential for disaster, and therefore, we take special precautions during shipping and delivery in order to ensure safe transport.
  • Security: Because we understand that the merchandise and goods that we ship are a crucial part of your business, security is always a concern. Therefore, we do not use break bulk terminals to transfer shipments, and we keep each trailer properly secured when completing any Haz-Mat shipping services in order to protect your freight and ensure safe delivery.

Learn More About Our Haz-Mat Shipping Services

Haz-Mat Shipping for LTL & Full Truckload ShipmentsAs an experienced nationwide Haz-Mat shipping company based out of St. Louis, Missouri, our expert drivers and office staff are ready to handle any hazardous material shipment for you. If you are interested in learning more about our Haz-Mat shipping services or you would like to request a personalize quote for any of the shipping services that meet your needs, please contact us today!

You can call our staff directly in St. Louis at 314-862-9292 or toll free at 800-969-2584 to receive a free, no hassle freight quote or request a quote online using our online quote request form.

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